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First keynotes announced

'Science and practice in touch' by Prof. Astrid Kappers and Dr. Ans Withagen

Prof. Astrid Kappers and Dr. Ans Withagen

You are probably familiar with optical illusions like the famous duck/rabbit image or black and white lines t

hat appear to spin on paper. But did you know that the sense of touch is also subject to illusions? Prof. Astrid Kappers has been researching this for years, resulting in fascinating examples that will stay with you. But what does such haptic research mean for practical applications? Dr. Ans Withagen, with her extensive experience working with visually impaired children and research on the sense of touch, has a wealth of examples to bridge this gap.

‘The future of Braille. Research findings and challenges for teaching practice' by Prof. Dr Markus Lang

Prof. Dr Markus Lang

During the Tactile Reading Conference, Prof. Dr Markus Lang will share the main findings of this research project, including the meaning and relevance of Braille, usage patterns and reading skills. Together, we will focus on the challenges for practice:

  • What role do assistive technologies play?
  • What are the needs of dual media users?
  • What are the essential requirements for learning to read and write Braille?
  • And how can we implement them effectively?

We invite you to think about these questions and discover together how we can bring braille education and usage to the next level. 

Further keynote speakers will be announced in June 2024.


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