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On behalf of the Tactile Reading and Graphics Committee, we invite you to be a Supporting Sponsor of the international Tactile Reading and Graphics Conference 2025! It is the first time the Conference will take place in the Netherlands, and we are excited to host you in our capital Amsterdam!

Tactile Reading and Graphics is an international conference that brings together participants worldwide that contribute to making information accessible through tactile solutions. In addition to braille, this also involves tactile graphics, drawings and 3D. During three days, the Conference will feature a varied program about all aspects of tactile reading. The main topics are universal design, early intervention in pre-school and school, an inclusive approach to braille and literacy, mathematics, tactile graphics, 3D material, adult braille readers and music braille.

A pupil with a visual impairment and a teacher are exploring 3D objects. (Photo copyright: Bartiméus Fonds)

The aims of the Tactile Reading and Graphics Conference are:

  • sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences from practical work, innovation, and research;
  • bringing the participants new knowledge and inspiration in their professional work;
  • promoting further development of new understanding within the field of tactile reading.

Who will attend the Tactile Reading and Graphics Conference 2025?

The conference attracts key experts from all over the world in the field of tactile solutions. We are expecting 400 attendees to come to Amsterdam.

  • Practitioners, developers, and innovators
  • Academics in various research areas
  • Commercial companies
  • Users of braille and graphics

Three sponsor packages

With the Conference's theme 'Feel good’ we provide a positive connotation and vibe to the event. We offer you the opportunity to immerse your brand in positivity and associate your name, your company to Tactile Reading and Graphics 2025. Choose one of these packages and seize the chance to showcase yourself to 400 leading experts.

Exhibitor Sponsorship Package (€2,500)

Become an Exhibitor at the Tactile Reading and Graphics 2025 Conference and showcase your organisation prominently. For just € 2,500 you'll receive:

  • One free regular 3-day ticket to access all conference events.
  • Feature on the conference website and conference app, maximizing your online visibility.
  • On-site exposure in the Exhibition Space Foyer on Deck 1, First Floor, including a 4m2 space equipped with a table and 2 chairs.
  • The opportunity to engage directly with attendees and network effectively in this prime location.

Friend Sponsorship Package (€10,000)

Join us as a Friend of the Tactile Reading and Graphics 2025 Conference and enjoy a range of benefits to boost your organisation's presence. For your investment, you'll receive:

  • One free regular 3-day ticket, ensuring you are part of every conference moment.
  • Feature on the conference website and conference app, enhancing your online reach and recognition.
  • Online promotion via conference mailings and the Tactile Reading 2025 social media platforms, increasing your visibility to our extensive audience.
  • On-site exposure in the Exhibition Space on the Ground Floor, where you'll have a 6m2 space complete with a table, two chairs, and an LCD screen.
  • Opportunity for a display of advertising materials, including brochures and promotional items to capture attendees' attention.
  • The chance to draw attention to your organisation’s contribution via an interview or article (advertorial) in one of the various media messages leading up to the event.

Partner Sponsorship Package (€15,000)

Elevate your involvement in the Tactile Reading and Graphics 2025 Conference as a Partner and enjoy an enhanced level of exposure and engagement. In addition to the benefits of the Friend package, Partners receive:

  • Two free regular 3-day tickets, ensuring you're part of every conference  moment.
  • Promotion during plenary sessions, ensuring your organisation's visibility during key conference moments.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the conference program, collaborating with the organising committee to shape selected sessions.
  • Highlight your brand in a dedicated program section (in consultation with the organisation), maximizing your impact and recognition among attendees.





 € 15.000€ 10.000€ 2.500


Regular 3-day ticket211

Online exposure

Organisation featured on the website tactilereading.org​ and conference app✔️✔️✔️
Promotion of organisation: mailings, socials✔️✔️ 
Display of advertising materials (brochure and goodies)​✔️  

On site exposure

Exhibition space ground floor (6m2, table, 2 chairs and LCD screen)​✔️✔️ 
Exhibition space foyer deck 1 first floor (4m2, table, 2 chairs)​  ✔️
Display of advertising materials (brochure and goodies)​✔️✔️ 


Interview or article before the congress​✔️✔️ 

Contribution to program​

Plenary speaker or workshop sessions (to be discussed)​✔️  

Branding using program element​

Opportunity to highlight brand during a program section​ (to be discussed)​✔️  

Become a sponsor

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Do you want to sponsor Tactile Reading and Graphics 2025? Or do you want to know more about sponsoring this event? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Lianne Noteboom at sponsorrelations@tactilereading.nl

Lianne Noteboom (Visio)


Sponsors of Tactile Reading and Graphics 2025

Logo Visio Foundation

Visio Foundation

The Visio Foundation financially supports projects and programs both domestically and internationally that enable participation for people with visual  impairments. They do this in partnership with Royal Dutch Visio. The Visio Foundation recognizes the importance of international knowledge exchange and is therefore happy to support this initiative.


Logo Bartiméus Fonds

Bartiméus Fonds

Website Bartiméus Fonds (in Dutch).



Logo Rotterdamse Stichting Blindenbelangen

Rotterdamse Stichting Blindenbelangen 

The Rotterdamse Stichting Blindenbelangen supports institutions that aim to promote the material, social and cultural well-being of blind and visually impaired persons. The foundation promotes scientific research and training in the field of blindness, visual impairment and their prevention.


Logo Fonds XL

Fonds XL

Fonds XL works closely with Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen. The foundation provides financial

 support to initiatives that aim to promote reading by people with a visual impairment and everything related to this in the broadest sense.


Logo Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen

Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen

Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen is the interest group of readers who rely on adapted reading formats. In addition to advocacy, the association provides information and advice. It also supports activities and initiatives to promote reading in adapted reading formats. You can find more information about our association at www.onbeperktlezen.nl.



Oogcontact Amsterdam

Activities and fund for persons with a visual impairment. Website Oogcontact Amsterdam (in Dutch)

Stichting Blindenhulp 

Logo Stichting Blindenhulp

Stichting Blindenhulp is an independent foundation that can financially support people in the Netherlands with a serious visual impairment. She also supports agencies and organizations that work for the visually impaired and that conduct scientific research. More information can be found on the website at https://blindenhulp.nl/ (in Dutch).



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The Tactile Reading and Graphics Conference 2025 will be arranged by various Dutch organisations collaborating in the field of tactile reading. 
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